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Director of Internal Operations for  FlyFlat

FlyFlat is a 24/7, membership-free, white-glove concierge service, dedicated to saving its clients the most on international business & first class travel.

More About FlyFlat

We have built an extensive network of global travel partners that give us access to booking methods and inventory not available to the public largely through arbitraging credit card miles and points.

Since 2017, clients have been happy to return to FlyFlat for its excellence in customer service, follow through and top notch execution in even the most last minute of travel needs.  

Our team is seeking to expand our operations team by bringing in a Director of Internal Operations. We are looking for a hungry and motivated individual with a passion for travel and improving the lives of others.

Job Summary

The Director of Internal Operations will oversee our day-to-day internal process and ensure that the team and company are organized with systems working accordingly. 

Experience and qualities we are looking for

1. Extremely organized with experience using a product management system like Trello (ideally Trello as that is what we currently use) for their daily life + work tasks

2. Doesn’t wait around to be told what to do - actively seeks to add value to the business

3. Experience observing businesses and creating processes for efficiency

4. Ideally past international business travel experience, or at least personal international travel experience

5. Past experience with any of the following: 

    a. Optimizing personal miles and points

    b. Churning credit cards

    c. Manufactured Spending

6. 1+ years of operations experience, ideally in either finance, crypto, or luxury travel

7. A disciplined approach to daily activity planning, setting goals and achieving success

8. Highly effective verbal and written communication skills


Remote, bonus points if in or can be in Philadelphia or Austin where the COO and CEO live. With the expectation to attend conferences and events in major cities around the world including places like Dubai, New York, and London. 

- Establishing quantitative and qualitative metrics, guidelines, and standards by which the company's efficiency and effectiveness can be evaluated; identifies opportunities for improvement

- Evaluating business procedures and technology tools currently being used

- Develop clean cut onboarding process for new concierge hires

- Manage affiliate operations and technology to use statements/cash out

- Implement policies and procedures that will improve day-to-day operations

- Improve customer service and satisfaction through policy and procedural changes.

- Lead integration efforts among operations, technology, and customer service divisions to produce smoother workflow and more cost-effective business processes

Duties initially will include


-  $50,000 - $70,000 Base Salary

-  Bonus structure tied to quantifiable metrics of operational efficiency, with the expectation of a 10-50% bonus annually depending on performance

-  0.1% - 0.25% equity

Should you have any questions or are interested in applying for the position,

please reach out to

Cameron Resnick, COO at


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We have built an extensive network of global travel partners that give us access to booking methods and inventory not available to the public.


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